Every individual has the ability to attain excellence through the transfer of knowledge and assimilation of moral values so as to become professional graduates capable of developing knowledge, self, society and nation.

    Usaha, Taqwa, Mulia (Endeavour, Religious, Dignified)

    To establish UiTM as a premier university of outstanding scholarship and academic excellence capable of providing leadership to Bumiputeras’s dynamic involvement in all professional fields of world-class standards in order to produce globally competitive graduates of sound ethical standing.

    To enhance the knowledge and expertise of Bumiputeras in all fields of study through professional programmes, research work and community service based on moral values and professional ethics.

    • To provide maximum opportunities for bumiputeras to pursue professionally-recognised programmes of study in science, technology, industry, business, arts and humanities.
    • To provide quality and innovative programmes of study relevant to current market needs and customer demands, and in line with policies of national development.
    • To establish a human resource development programme as a tool for the assimilation of a value system within the university community.
    • To ensure that UiTM graduates are adequately prepared to join the local as well as the global workforce.
    • To establish UiTM as a centre of excellence that is accountable for the effective and efficient management of its human resources, finances and assets in order to achieve its educational objectives, while playing its role as a catalyst in community development.
    Client Charter
    For all clients of Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM):
    • Students
    • Academics and Staff
    • Parents
    • Industry, and
    • Stakeholders
    We offer quality services which are ethical and of high integrity, and undertake to ensure that:
    • All the basic needs for learning, teaching and research, as well as the surrounding environment fulfill the requirements of the Malaysian Qualifications Agency, the Ministry of Education and professional bodies;
    • All academic programmes are approved, managed and administered in accordance with the university’s rules and procedures;
    • All academic qualifications are recognised by the government, and fulfil the needs of the industry and the relevant professional bodies;
    • The conferment of degrees is carried out within the stipulated period after fulfilling all the necessary requirements;
    • Excellence in academic achievements is identified and duly awarded each year;
    • All proposals and official reports are acted on within a period of one week;
    • Be accessible at all times to provide to the community; and
    • Provide professional and customer-friendly services.
    • UiTM will provide services in accordance with the client charter as practised by the respective entities, namely, the faculties, branch campuses, divisions, institutes, centres and units.
    Client’s Responsibility
    As a means of ensuring that UiTM is able to implement the Charter efficiently and effectively, we seek the cooperation of our clients to:
    • Understand the rights of clients under the charter;
    • Observe all relevant regulations, directives, rules and guidelines;
    • Utilise all available facilities in a responsible manner.
    The Tombak Agung
    The Tombak Agung consists of a pair of long lances, one with a bamboo leaf-shaped blade, another with a five-curved blade which represent religion, knowledge and personality values as well as the sovereignty of the Malay society and the nation. The overall motif on the shaft of the spear is adapted from a design of a dome to symbolise UiTM as a font of knowledge, disseminating and receiving knowledge according to the law of knowledge towards creating the good and banishing the evil based on religious teachings particularly among the undergraduates, all for the religion, the race and the nation.

    The blade with five curves represents the five Pillars of Islam while the bamboo leaf-shaped blade symbolises the rich traditional Malay art. The decoration on the shaft starts with a traditional silver head-dress which symbolises the responsibility of the Malay kings towards matters pertaining Islam as well as the pinnacle of the Malay civilisation.

    Below the head-dress is a silver inscription of UiTM motto Usaha Taqwa Mulia and UiTM logo in Arabic calligraphy followed by a silver engraving of Bunga Tanjung. The logo and the motto represent UiTM as a premier institution of higher learning which has been established based on the aspiration to produce Bumiputera graduates who have mastered knowledge and technology.

    The Mace
    The Mace of Universiti Teknologi MARA is in the form of a Malay keris (dagger) known as the Keris Agung and accompanied by a pair of long lances known as the Tombak Agung. Both items symbolise UiTM as an institution of higher learning for bumiputeras which is unique, strong and pure.

    The Keris Agung
    A sheathed Keris Agung symbolises the strength and the wholeness of the Malays. The motif on the Keris Agung is apt for the meaning and the aim of its creation. The motif represents the King, Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agung as the Chancellor of UiTM, and at the same time representing UiTM as a unique Bumiputera institution of higher learning.

    The natural and genuine characteristics of a Malay keris in the Keris Agung represent the philosophy behind the establishment of Universiti Teknologi MARA. These were adapted from the creation of a keris known as Keris Potong Barat.

    The motif on the hilt of Keris Agung is a yellow gourd flower, the hilt ring has a bamboo shoot motif and the sheath is covered with Bunga Tanjung (Mimusops Elengi).

    The yellow gourd flower represents the royal colour which signifies the Malay Sultanate. The bamboo shoot motif represents the educational process in moulding students into professional graduates. The Bunga Tanjung on the sheath represents the State of Selangor where the main UiTM campus is located.

    The authority in the meaning of the keris is exuded by the UiTM logo on a silver design at the top of the sheath. The middle part of the sheath is covered in silver inscribed with the UiTM motto Usaha Taqwa Mulia (Endeavour, Spirituality, Nobleness) in Arabic caligraphy.

    Universiti Logo

    The logo incorporates four main colors:
    • Dark Blue shows the maturity of an institute of higher learning, which offers different levels of study.
    • Purple symbolises excellence in global knowledge.
    • Yellow represents the sovereignty of the Malay kings and the struggle of the Malays in an effort to take the national education towards excellence.
    • White shows the sacred and pure knowledge offered to the students.
    The overall shape of the logo maintains the original shape in order to retain the identity of UiTM as the font of knowledge.


    Wujudmu di sini di tanah anak merdeka
    Bagai obor ilmu memayungi putra-putrinya
    Pelopor hidup, budaya bangsa, agama, negara
    Pembentuk akhlak manusia agar jadi sempurna
    Ku yang melangkah ke sini ingin mempelajari
    Rahsia di muka bumi dengan cara hakiki
    Tunjukkan aku jalan ilmuMU untukku menuju
    Destinasi cita-cita negara dan bangsaku

    Majulah bangsa
    Maju negara
    Berkat usaha jaya MARA
    Kami berikrar akan berjasa
    Hingga kita Berjaya...demi bangsa

    Watikah yang ku miliki kan ku semat di hati
    Janjiku pada pertiwi untuk menabur bakti
    Ku sempurnakan seikhlas hati membela negara
    Doa restu ayah bonda ku untuk mu semua
    UiTM...Usaha Taqwa Mulia


    Bersatu kita warga UiTM
    Kita bangsa perkasa
    Taat dan setia ku untuk negara
    Penuh semangat waja
    Jangan mudah terlupa
    Pengorbanan perjuangan anak bangsa

    Jangan mudah terleka
    Kemajuan keamanan yang ada

    Berterima kasih
    Pada pemimpin-pemimpin negara

    Rasa penuh bersyukur
    Kerahmatan, kemuliaan dariNya

    Pendokong, pewaris bangsa
    Pendaulat, bangsa Malaysia
    Warga berwawasan
    Untuk negaraku

    Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
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